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Who has the most Followers on Twitter in Abuja.

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Olu Joseph sits on the 35th position of the top 100 twitter handles in Abuja.

Chairman OluSource:    Read about top handles in Abuja here 

What is Twitter all about?   Twitter is a service that is rapidly increasing in popularity. It is a cross between a social networking website and a micro-blog. With over 2 millions users, Twitter is becoming a popular way to stay in contact with friends, family, coworkers, and more.

If you have yet to try Twitter, you will want to do so. As previously stated, Twitter is a combination micro-blog and social networking website. For that reason, some internet users bypass the opportunity. One of those is internet marketers and home based workers. If you work from home or from your computer, your main goal while online is to make money, not make new friends. This mindset is beneficial, but it can also hurt you and your business.

Despite what you may have heard, you can do a lot more than update your friends and family on a new job, grade in a class, or an upcoming trip. It is easy to network and make new friends, or followers, on the Twitter website. This is where you have the potential to market yourself and your online business. In fact, Twitter can be used to increase your sales. It isn’t recommended that you outright advertise your product or service on Twitter, but there are unique approaches that you can take.

As for how you can use Twitter to market yourself or your business online, start with updates. For example, do you sell handmade products? If so, quickly describe the product you just made and provide a link to the website where it is available for sale. Instead of saying buy my product, ask for feedback. Depending on how your message is viewed, the link may not be clickable. Even still, internet users may key your link into an internet search to see and review your product for you. If anyone likes it, they may buy.

Since you can use Twitter to do more than just update your current friends and family members, you may want to get started. If you do not already have a Twitter account, the first step is visiting the website, which is located at You will see a link to get started. Click on that link and fill out the form. You will be required to create a username, a password, and provide your email address.

Next, you will be brought to a page that asks for your email account’s password. There is a security message on the side stating that your password will not be stored and that your email account will not be accessed without permission. This step is to allow you to see if your email contacts have Twitter accounts. If so, add them. You can also bypass this step.

At the top of the page, where your email password is asked for, you will also find the option to invite by email. This is a great alternative if you do not want to provide your account’s password or if your contact list is not updated. Enter in a number of email addresses, and invites will be sent to your contacts.

Also at the top of the page, you will find the option to search for friends or followers. You can search by name or location. This option is ideal if you want to connect with former friends, family members, or coworkers whose email addresses you do not have or know.

Although you can easily add Twitter friends and followers that you do not know, some are cautious about accepting invites. For marketing purposes, use the internet, message boards, and other social networking websites for information. For example, if you sell home made products, you may also belong to an arts and crafts or home based business message board. Post a message asking for Twitter contacts. In no time at all, you might have quite the following.

Remember, the more Twitter followers you have, the more you can market your business.

Follow Olu Joseph on twitter handle @oludaisi

Olu Joseph Facebook Marketing Training

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Watch the VIDEO below to hear what Stephanie has to say about me.

This is a special offer to all members of Abuja Internet Club who are ready to scale up their businesses or services online.

I am including the top secret people use in selling products on KONGA with huge profit. Will you like to do the same? I will teach you how to do it within 10 minutes at the training venue on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th April 2016.

Nigeria has about 15million Facebook users according to Internet World Statistics ( and i wonder why you are not selling your products and services to the huge crowd who are ready to buy from you. All you need to do is show your product or service on their smartphones, tablets, laptop and office desktop.  

In case you do not know me, my name is Olu Joseph B.Sc MBA (Marketing Management) I am the CEO of Wallet Innovative Solutions Limited here in Abuja. I also happen to be the President and founder of Abuja Internet Club.

I am a Certified Facebook Marketing Expert. It simply means i know and use Facebook to sell products and services for myself and others. I have trained and helped over 200 small business owners to sell their products on Facebook.

It will interest you to know that I sold one of my books to over 300 people at N5000 per copy within 60days and made more than N1.5million from that single sale.

I helped a computer training company to get students through Facebook marketing

I helped a network marketing business man to sell his products on Facebook.

I helped a popular newscaster to rebrand her Facebook account and now she is hot cake.

In one of my affiliate marketing businesses, i made $1000 in one single day from a company in Australia and the cash was transfered to my GTBank dormicilliary account.

In October 2015, i promoted the services of a Swedish company involved in affiliate marketing and was rewarded with 2 return tickets through KLM Airlines to Amsterdam, Holland. Mmmm! my wife enjoyed the trip with me.

In January 2016, a lady client in Georgia state, USA paid me $1000 to do Twitter and Facebook advert campaign for her event and it was awesome.

In February 2016 another male client in Connecticut, USA paid me $1400 for Twitter, Facebook and Youtube marketing

Life is so sweet when you have the keys and use them appropriately.

I wrote and released another book on 29th March 2016 on Facebook and people are buying it like pour water.

I can go on with many of my successes testimonies but i need to talk to you. You can do exactly what i have done and even more at my next Super Facebook Traffic Training here in Abuja.

Stop wasting your time looking at funny pictures and watching funny videos on Facebook.

Stop wasting your time checking on Facebook friends and other people who are not helping you to do well in your business. Most of them don’t want you to succeed.

It is time to focus on what matters. Sales! Sales!! Sales!!!

Haha, i know you don’t like to sell, but without selling there won’t be sales which leads to profit and without making profit, you will soon go broke and bankrupt. Your company or business will collapse when there is no profit.

I want to help just 10 persons become like me. I will train and empower you with Facebook marketing strategies.

I will train you on how to sell anything on FACEBOOK. This is the hottest market place on the planet.

I know where your potential clients are.

I know what age and sex of those who will buy your products and services

I know which town or district they live in Abuja and indeed Nigeria.

I know how to tell Facebook to bring your potential clients to your shop or office.

I know the exacts words to tell your potential customers so that they can patronize you.

If you have a product or service that satisfies peoples desire, then i am the expert you need to help you market on Facebook.

Are you interested in my FACEBOOK MARKETING TRAINING? if yes, then follow my instructions below;

1. Dates and Time: Saturday 16th 10a.m to 3p.m and Sunday 17th April 2016 4p.m to 6pm

2. Venue: Villa U Hotels, 31 Alexanria Crescent, Behind Tantalizer, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja.

3. Training Fee: N17,500 only.

Big Discount: Pay the sum of N17,500 only on or before 1:30pm Wednesday 13th April 2016 to lock in your seat at the training. If you miss that date, you will pay the N25,000 training fee.

Certificate of Proficiency will be awarded to all participants.

Lunch and materials will be provided to participants.

Who can attend this Facebook Marketing Training?

If you want to sell your product or service online and make profit. If you own a boutique, If you own a restaurant or events management company. If you run a fashion house, if you are an affiliate marketer, network marketer or whatever you are offering to the public, you must attend this training.

I am looking for 10 smart ladies or guys who want to make money with Facebook skills and expertise.

If you are the one, then transfer or pay into this bank account Now!

Bank Name: GTBank Plc. Account nmae: Wallet Innovative Solutions. Account number: 0025520449

Be smart and pay N17,500 on or before Wednesday 13th April 2016 or pay the normal price N25,000 latest by Friday 15th April 2016.

I run a company and do not receive cash from anybody. Go straight to your bank and pay into company’s account or do e-transfer into the company’s bank account.

Take action now! Send a reply to whatsapp number +2348056201612 when you have made payment and you are going to attend this paid training.  Seats are for 10 persons only. Act now.


Olu Joseph B.Sc MBA (Marketing Management)

CEO Wallet Innovative Solutions.


NB: If you want a positive change badly, you will not just pay for yoursef but for someone you know will benefit from this. This same training is going for N65,000 per participants in May 2016  
Wallet Innovative Solutions
Getting People To Shop At Your Business With Social Media

Getting People To Shop At Your Business With Social Media

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Social media is a powerful tool for community. People from all backgrounds and walks of life are able to take their profiles and promote a great number of different things.

You’ll find that it’s a great way to get the word out about your website, the business that you’ve started, and much more.

If you are looking at finding a semblance of success online, you’ll want to focus on working with the many social networks that are out there.

The best thing about doing this, is that it’s absolutely free. That’s right, you can end up with a deluge of traffic without having to spend much money at all. The following tips will help you harness this captive audience.

Filling Out The Information Right

First and foremost, when you set up a social media page, make sure that you fill out the information correctly. Too often, people don’t fill out the profile sections, or even register as a business.

This could lead to issues down the line. Don’t leave out the marketing message you want to communicate here. Fill everything out within your profile, and make sure that your information and details are easily found.

Start Befriending Others

In order to get anywhere with social media, you’re going to have to befriend others. Befriend people that are interested in what you’re doing, and make sure that you take your time.

If you just start liking and adding anyone you can see online, you’ll end up looking a lot like a “spam” bot. You want to work with a slow burn here, creating substantial relationships as you promote your business.

Post Updates About The Industry You’re In

Instead of posting updates about what you’re doing, and what you sell, focus on industry specific news and media. You want to make sure that you are not “self-serving” on these pages.

If you only work with updating your own pages, and links, you will not get the reaction you want. Make sure that you comment, share, and link people to information that is related to your industry, so that you can grow your audience naturally.

Advertising (Paid) With Social Media

Social networks today sell advertising, and that could bolster your profile’s attention. The key here is to go at it slowly.

Every social media advertising platform is different, but expect to pay as low as 5 cents per click, and as low as a few dollars a day to get in front of as many people that are interested in your niche.

Done right, this could accompany the aforementioned tips, for a low cost, and get many people supporting your business.